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Dawkins 1Spartanburg County Bible Education in School Time (SCBEST) exists to help educate and disciple the youth of our community during the school day through what is known nationally as Release Time. With parental permission, students are allowed off campus during the school day to receive Bible education taught by trained Bible instructors from the Spartanburg community through what we refer to as “Church/School Partnerships.” Classes are designed to familiarize
the students with the Bible and help in forming a Biblical worldview. Classes are usually held at a nearby church or non-school building that is located conveniently near the school campus.

SCBEST has been offering Bible education classes to students in the Spartanburg area for 14 years. Our organization is most known for our high school level classes in which high school students receive elective credit that counts towards their graduation requirements. Therefore, our high school class requires outside reading, homework, papers, tests, and final exams just like their other classes.

We are an independent 501(c) 3, and we are an interdenominational, parachurch ministry.

Our | MissionSCBest Bus Smiling2

SCBEST exists to provide in-depth Bible education and intentional discipleship to the youth of our community during the school day. We implement these core goals through supporting church-school partnerships within the community.

SCBEST equips local churches with the resources needed to “adopt” a school during the Fall or Spring semester of the school year. An SCBEST class aims to disciple and train students to read and understand scripture so that they in turn can develop a Biblical worldview and understand the foundational truths of the Christian faith.

Our | Model

Church/School Partnerships : What is it?

image2A nearby church can host or “adopt” an SCBEST class where they would provide a classroom location, a teacher (if applicable), and transportation between location and school. The church is encouraged to be both involved and invested in the class and the students as much as possible as they help to create a welcoming C
hristian environment for every student. SCBEST will provide class curriculum, class organization, and teacher training
if needed. Classes are scheduled per semester and are broken down as follows:

Elementary Level: SCBEST now offers a 5 week program to elementary grades! Students meet off-campus once-a-week for a Bible education class. This is usually during a related arts class.

Middle School Level: The off campus Bible classes for middle schools are offered once a week for nine weeks during an exploratory class.

High School Level: Students can take a Bible Education class for elective credit at the high school level. Class is held off-campus during the allotted class period. The high school class is an academic rigorous experience. A course in Biblical Worldview and Apologetics is taught during the Fall Semester, and a course in Systematic Theology is taught during the Spring.

Our | Core Beliefs12704550325_b0e226e879_o

1. The Bible is the inspired word of God, without error in the autographs. It is the ultimate rule of authority in the life of the believer, and the standard by which truth is measured.

2. The Triune God exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3. All people stand guilty before God from birth, and are in need of His forgiveness.

4. Salvation is the result of a saving faith in Jesus Christ alone.


We are currently offering classes in districts 4, 6, and 7 and are planning to start some in Districts 2 and 3 in Fall 2015.

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