Program Director Position Available

Spartanburg County Bible Education in School Time, SCBEST, is a release time ministry working within Spartanburg county public schools to provide Bible education classes.  We do this by partnering local schools with a nearby church, and transporting the student to the church for the class.  This is done during the regular school day, and with parental permission.  On the high school level, students receive elective course credit toward graduation.

We are currently seeking a Program Director.

General Qualifications:

1. Professes a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ
2. Exemplifies a proven commitment to Jesus Christ and to Bible study
3. Has a genuine compassion and a desire to obey Christ’s command to make disciples
4. Lives a lifestyle consistent with Christ’s character
5. Physically respects all students, parents, staff, and church partners

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organize materials(curriculum, Bibles, etc.)and volunteers(as needed)for class and school registration
2. Maintain files on participating students, schools, and churches(including a hard copy of all printed materials).
3. Develop and maintain(new & existing)church/school partnerships.  This is accomplished through visits, emails, and phone calls.  Includes scheduling classes and bus usage for each partnership.
4. Serve as the contact person for SCBEST in regards to schools, churches, and classroom personnel.  The Program Director forms and maintains a relationship with school principals, church pastors and volunteers.
5. Organize recognition events for current students(graduation, etc.)
6. Photograph SCBEST classes in progress
7. Assist with the inventory of office supplies and ensure stock is maintained
8. Other duties including,but not limited to, substitute teaching, assisting other staff, and speaking on behalf of SCBEST within churches and the community

The position would require approximately 10-15hrs/week, and up to approx. 20hrs/week during school registration time and the start up of classes.